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How do I learn to develop and extend Web Quick Start ?

Question asked by mvanle on Jul 19, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2012 by mvanle
Hello :)

I am new to Web Quick Start.

I would like some guidance on learning more about developing and extending Web Quick Start (the "wcmqs.war" is sufficient for me at this time).

I have read
  • Alfresco_Web_Quick_Start_User_Help_Enterprise.pdf
and am able to do basic things like customise content, collections, maximum, sort queries by cmis:name, manage translations, publish etc.

I have also had a look at
But I have not been able to find information appropriate for my skill level.

I know a little HTML/CSS, Java SE (basic I/O, JDCB), XML and have years of Linux experience … that's about it :)

What I would like to do is start creating my own Web Quick Start templates so that I can customise the template mapping. I saw some stuff in the forums about modifying WEB-INF\pages, WEB-INF\templates, WEB-INF\webscripts but I don't understand the WAR architecture.

In the long term I would like to progress to more complex things with Web Quick Start eg. hacking Alfresco repository or making addons.

Do I need to learn

  • SpringSurf

  • Webscripts

  • JavaScript

Can somebody give me a bit more guidance on what I need ?

I understand the learning curve may be a bit high for me at this time (but I am willing to persevere).

The closest thing I could find to a step-by-step tutorial is the "Spring Surf Tutorial" (and the basic Alfresco guides), but I'm not sure if these are the places to start learning Web Quick Start or SpringSurf in general (I would prefer to focus only on Web Quick Start customisations at this time).

Thanks !