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Can i Use Alfreco Webservice API instead of Webscript

Question asked by srinukanta on Jul 20, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2012 by akash066

I have a requirement to implement one cms application with below features:

Group and User Management
Contact Management
Image and Video Management
Document Management
Books Library Management

To Implement the above features i am planing to start this application by using Alfresco Java Webservices API.

Please suggest me ts it recommended approach because alfresco WIKI stating that it is not recommended.

CMIS is not opt for us because CMIS does not support Group Management.

We can use Webscripts and Spring surf but we need to learn again those new concepts and we have short time for implement this project

If Webscript is recommended please post one java web application example url, so that i can start learn easily.

Please help me to go with better approach?