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Share development begin point

Question asked by michaelc on Jun 8, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2010 by michaelc
I hope someone can help me on this.
I am doing an evaluation on the Alfresco product.

I find the Share product does about 85% of what we need.
Now I what to understand how you create your own dashlets etc.

problem is I don't understand how I should set up the project, is there an example I can look at ?
Maybe a blog posting that states how I create my function under share.

I have Java and AJAX knowledge but no real spring development, I see the SURF API but how does it connect to the backend
do I need to build and deploy in eclipse or can I use the install of the product.

I find code bits in the forum but I don't find a real full tutorial on how it SHOULD be done.
Just a pointer to two to get me started would be a real help.