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BANNER does not show on site dashboard

Question asked by kuldeep on Jul 21, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2012 by afaust
Hi all,

I created couple of sites on Alfresco 4.0.D and had to reboot the server

Now, I notice that the very first site I created shows the site banner and no other sites display the banner. I am unable to customise the dashboard.

I could go to the customise dashboard option on the very first site and then change the URL to reflect the other site and could change the dashboard then - which means I do have permissions to access the customise dashboard page.

I can see the banner on this site

I cannot see the banner on all other sites

I can modify the URL and can see the banner for anyothersite

Any new site that I create now, I can see the banner on the site main page above the dashlets.

Any help would be highly appreciated.