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real-time search for property value

Question asked by rkerckhoffs on Jul 23, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2012 by jamen
For a project of ours we extended the metamodel with a property which adds a md5-hash to each documentNode to see whether the attached file is unique.
I've created a OnContentUpdatePolicy behaviour that executes the needed code.
In that code amongst others I made a lucenequery that searches for nodes with the same propertyvalue as the current node. This routine is working nice. However when using SOLR or doing bulk imports I am facing issues because the index is not completely updated by the time a new node is inserted.
I have tried to avoid accessing the DB itself until now, but it seems there is no other way into doing the search with 100% coverage.

My question are:
- Should I go into accessing the DB itself using the DAO-interface or is there an alternate way into getting the results?
- Is there somewhere a sample project which is doing the same thing?