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Custom wizard with dynamic steps

Question asked by geriadejes on Jun 9, 2010
Hello everybody,

I'm not using Alfresco yet, though I have to come up with an initial proposal about how we will implement the requirements for our Alfresco based future project.

The requirement I'm concerned about is to create a customizable suite of public wizards, those would help public users to subscribe to the services of our customer. I've looked into Alfresco's Wizard framework and am not sure if we could use it as a base for those wizards. Is there a built in way, or a custom coding possibility in wizard framework, to allow administrators to customize the wizards? Here are the basic requirements that I'm concerned about:
  • The possibility for the administrator to configure the steps involved in subscribing to the service, depending on user rights and some other conditions. That is, is it possible to skip/hide some steps given certain conditions?

  • The possibility for the administrator to create a new wizard using the steps registered in the system.
Could you please help me with information if such customization is possible using Alfresco wizard framework? Would this be a simple task, or we would have to employ some xml parsing/writing or other workarounds?

Thank you very much,