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Unable to use Imagemagick

Question asked by yogesh_prabhu on Jun 10, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2010 by ankit_yakkundi

I am working with both alfresco EE 3.2r..and now exploring Imagemagick and its features..
I am unable to run the file convert.exe from the command window..
I renamed the file to imconvert.exe..but still its not working..
It runs for a few seconds and then the Microsoft window pops up saying it encountered some errors..

I am following the pdf file  which has the following installation instructions for ImageMagick:

Installing ImageMagick
To enable image manipulation in Alfresco, you must install and configure ImageMagick. Alfresco uses
ImageMagick to manipulate images for previewing.
Note: If you installed Alfresco using one of the installation wizards, ImageMagick is already be installed.
1. Verify if ImageMagick is already installed on your system.
You can run the convert command, which is part of ImageMagick and usually located in /usr/
2. If ImageMagick is not on your system, browse to the ImageMagick download site and install the
appropriate package for your platform.
3. Modify the img.root= and img.exe= properties in the <classPathRoot>/alfrescoglobal.
properties file to point to the ImageMagick root directory.
For example, for Windows:
a. Set the img.root= property to img.root=C:/Alfresco/ImageMagick.
b. Set the img.exe= property to img.exe=C:/Alfresco/ImageMagick/bin/convert.exe.
For Linux:
a. Set the img.root= property to img.root=/ImageMagick.
b. Set the img.exe= property to img.exe=/ImageMagick/bin/convert.exe.
Note: Ensure that you do not include a slash (/) at the end of the path. For example, /

Is there any other steps to follow and also after installation how can i use Imagemagick?..its features?

Any kind of suggestions would be of great help..

Thanks in advance..!!