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Upload file [ IE8 + SSO ]

Question asked by dranakan on Jul 24, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2012 by dranakan

I get problems with some computers having Internet Explorer 8 to add files in Share.

1. I connect on alfresco share (no login because SSO active)
2 . I try to add a file, I select a file from my disk and click on "Upload File(s)" then a login prompt is coming ! It should not appear because SSO is active…

It's appears only on some computers with same user. I have check the IE8 properties (security options) but I didn't found why it didn't works on some computers…

Has someone an idea ?

I do not have the DisableNTLMPreAuth in regedit :

All works with Firefox or IE9

Computers are WinXP, Sp3.
Alfresco 4.0D RHEL5.6
SSO with AD


# The default authentication chain
# To configure external authentication subsystems see: