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4.0c SSL Issues

Question asked by ggates1 on Jul 25, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2012 by ggates1
Can anyone help with what not getting the SSL certs to work.   I am posting for the tech who is banging his head against the wall trying to fix this. Any help would be welcomed and appreciated.

Our management is starting to doubt Alfresco community which puts our position in a bad place causing frustration.

"Thought so, just asking.  Man, I hope I swing John / Tom to do Microsoft Office 365.  All this Freemium open source goes away.  True open source was never supposed to operate like this (having a commercial model available.  It’s a little too bait-and-switch for me)."

from tech:
When I was setting this up, I was able to get everything configured properly.  The error logs showed no errors before I stopped.  The issue I was having as that, even with all ports opened, when connecting to the Apache Tomcat Connector ( port 443) it would time out.  I’m assuming this is because the connector for Tomcat (port 8009, which forwards to 8443  I know port 8009 is opened as telnet’ing to it was successful.  What Tomcat does is translate port 8009 to 8443.  Port 443 was also opened as telnet’ing was successful as well.  It may be the redirect in Tomcat wasn’t working properly but I was unable to find any errors in the logs pertaining to it.

The documentation I found was for 4.0, however the changes done to alfresco are minimal and only needed if done via command line installation.  The AJP1.3 connector is installed by default with a GUI install (which we did) and therefore required no changes to the Tomcat setup at all.