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Share comments vs Explorer discussions

Question asked by paul.parisi on Jun 11, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2010 by mikeh
Hi all,
Just trying to get my head around the discussion commenting capabilities and differences in Share vs the Explorer (web client) based on version Community Version 3.3

As I see it I can the following behaviours around comments and discussions (topics)
1) Possible to create "comments" against content in share but not in Explorer
2) Possile to create discussions (topics) in Explorer but not in Share
3) Once created in Share we can see comments in Explorer (as a seperate type in the discussion list) and add replies
4) Share can never see discussions in Explorer no matter what
5) Share cannot create or see associations between content and discussions (the discussion capability in share seems to be standalone)

If I misunderstand this can some please fill in what I've missed, otherwise if I am correct in what I observe, is this because of
1) architectural decisions and why?
2) current design limitations and are they going to be resolved?
3) features yet to be implemented and any plans or timeframes?
4) Bugs preventing things to work uniformly between the platforms that should be reported in JIRA

thanks and regards,