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CIFS temp Office files cannot delete break workflow

Question asked by piski on Jul 26, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2012 by piski
Hi All,

I'm experiencing some troubles with CIFS, Alfresco's rights and Ms Office documents :

Folder with "EVERYONE" with Collaborator rights (don't want them to modify the structure, so perfect for my use case).

a) User 1 (owner) imports the document into Alfresco (Word, Excel, Powerpoint … Ms Office 2003)
b) User 2 modify the document … a temporary file is created (with document's name with tilda and a random number such as "~MyDocument.doc~2145478c.tmp") -> Windows / MsOffice mechanism I presume …
c) User2 closes the document

=> The document isn't deleted by Alfresco and cannot be deleted by User2.
=> The document's creator has changed

NB : X tmp files are created each time User2 saves (so if User2 saves 3 times, there will be 3 temp files created)

The temp file still lives permanently until admin (or User1 I guess) deletes it.
If I give to "EVERYONE" the "Coordinator" right, the issue seems not to be reproducible, but I can't set this rights level to anyone.

My guess, about it, is :

1) File is created
2) File is modified -> a tmp is created (no problem because of the rights)
3) File is saved -> the tmp should be deleted … but not possible with "Collaborator" rights !
4) There are 2 files, one good and one tmp … and in this case, a lot of others tmp because the file is modified by many users

However, I have a document within another folder that's in a similar configuration (and works fine, none tmp files), except "EVERYONE" is replaced/restricted to 5-6 users, which have the "Collaborator" role. This file has been created (so owned) by "admin".

Environment :
- W2003 SP ?
- Ms Office 2003 SP3
- Windows XP SP3
- Alfresco 3.4.e (I'm trying to test these behaviours against my 4.0.d platform, I let you know shortly the results … RESULTS ARE THE SAME FOR 4.0.d, WIN2008 64 bits)

Someone could help plz ?