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Search not working with alfresco community edition

Question asked by pankajt on Jul 26, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2013 by tak
Following is a sample folder structure in my alfresco repository

Main Repository
   |—– Data Dictionary
   |        |————————— 1.txt
   |—– User Homes
   |        |—————————–2.txt
   |—– My Directory
            |—————————— MyFile.txt

When I execute "select cmis:name from cmis:document", it gives me back FileOne.txt, 1.txt and 2.txt but not MyFile.txt

The only difference I see here is that My Directory is created by me whereas the other two were present from the time of installation itself.

This may be related to alfresco configuration. I have not tested this against any other repository, so it might be specific to alfresco.

Any pointers on this will be helpful.