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Drupal Alfresco Integration

Question asked by skknbr on Jul 27, 2012
I am trying with drupal alfresco integration using CMIS standard. I am getting an issue while authentication. When a successful login happens at drupal, i need to pass these user credentials dynamically to Alfresco for accessing the corresponding documents which are permitted to the user to access. Here I am using a block of code for accessing the alfresco repository from drupal as follows;
                 $conf['cmis_repositories'] = array(
         'default' => array(
         'user' => $username,     
         'password' =>$password,
         'url' =>'http://localhost:8080/alfresco/service/cmis'
the values of 'username' & 'password' parameters to send to alfresco should be in the plain text format.
Problem found was, in drupal, the password which we are getting from the user account details is an encrypted one. once we try to send this directly to alfreso, throws an error. i got stuck only in this area and so please suggest me how to proceed with the same. what are the possible ways to get and use the password in unencrypted method from drupal or are there any other feasible ways to implement the same?