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Get NodeRef by path

Question asked by robertmarkbram on Jun 13, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2016 by arunvallamkondu
Hi All,

Can I create a NodeRef purely from the path?

It seems like NodeRef doesn't allow it, and looking at the various methods in the SearchService and FileFolderService they all require a NodeRef or something similar to search.

Let's say I already know this information about  a node (from Node Browser):

Node Identifier
Primary Path:    /{}company_home/{}EBNS
Reference:   workspace://SpacesStore/1960748f-cf69-4784-89a0-a4cbd6f03b49
Type:   {}folder
Parent:   workspace://SpacesStore/410438c0-095e-49ac-bfd3-e167b3be863c

How could I do something like this:
NodeRef bnr = new NodeRef("/{}company_home/{}EBNS");

Thanks for any advice!