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Alfresco Java Apps

Question asked by jprotivnak on Jun 14, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2010 by jprotivnak
I am interested in only using Alfresco as the document repository in the back-end for custom Java apps that would be written by my organization and have a few questions:

1.) Is this a feasible way to use Alfresco?

2.) If it is a feasible way to use Alfresco, is the API robust enough to support this (document creation, upload, deletion, tagging)
      I know Alfresco itself can do this, but are the APIs flushed out enough to support this from a custom java app (I am not interested in writing my own)

3.) If the API is robust enough can someone point me to some examples of basic usage of this in Java?
     I see that it is supposed to support Web Services (SOAP) and Web Scripts (REST)?

Thanks for any help on this.    :)