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Web Service for accepting and storing data in Alfresco

Question asked by varun33 on Jul 31, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2012 by varun33
Hello Friends,

I have a requirement of accepting data from an external system using a web service and storing that data in Alfresco so that this data can be used to start an Activiti workflow and can also be used in the search module.

I will need to expose a web service from Alfresco that can be called from the external system.

Please suggest a solution for the same.

I am basically confused about these things:-

1. Whether the data being accepted should be stored in my own database table separately from Alfresco or should I use content modeling to allow Alfresco to maintain that data? Which is better and why?

2. Should I create the web script as a 2 layered web script(data and presentation) or just one data layer web script?

3. Is there anything else that I should consider while designing the solution?