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Question asked by smcardle on Jul 31, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2014 by andy2.0
Hi All.

I have been doing some customisations to the Share 4.1 interface so that various pages of Share are able to be included in iframes my customers application.

1. The first thing was to hide the header and footer on every page : This went well using the module extension mechanism and as both components are global every page has the desired affect.
2. The next task was hide the title bars on the pages : This wasn't so easy as the titles region-id and source-id changes depending on what page is displayed and the scope is template.
Suggestion for improvement : Wrap the individual title bars in a global scope title component which uses the actual individual titles as sub components. This would enable the ability to turn off all title bars in a single module element at global scope. Or continue to allow hiding individual page titles if required. It's a pain to go to each page, enable surfBug to identify the id's and scope then add the individual module entries before redeploying and re-trying.
3. On the repository view I need to hide the navigation options on the left, such as the filter, tree, category and tags. The reason for this is that the 3rd party application issues a full URL for the iframe to a repository directory such as http://chma-qa115:8080/share/page/repository#filter=path|%2FClients%2F122261. The client app knows the client ID and documents for that client are stored here. Once this is shown, the user must only be allowed to navigate further down the tree but no further up the tree than this entry point, thus the left hand side options are irrelevant.
There are several problems I need to overcome here.
   a. If I hide all of the individual components on the left hand side, the tools menu no longer displays "Create Content…", "New Folder", "Upload" or "Selected Items…". However, the breadcrumbs icon and RSS feed icon are still visible.
   b. Selecting the breadcrumbs icon enables and disables the breadcrumbs bar but no breadcrumbs are shown.
It seems that hiding the "Categories" component causes this affect as if it's the only non hidden component the tools bar and breadcrumbs works - with the following exception. The breadcrumbs first element is show as "root.node".
   c. The bread crumbs are not real breadcrumbs in the same sense as "Hansel & Gretel". This should not show the path to the current item in the repository, but should rather show how I got here. As I got here directly via a URL the root node at this stage should be the current node and only navigating down the visible hierarchy should drop breadcrumbs to allow the user to navigate back. The current breadcrumbs implementation shows the whole path back to the root of the repository and allows my users to navigate out of the hierarchy they should be constrained to.

Suggested improvement : Wrap all components that are used on a left hand side navigation such as in the repository view or the my-tasks view in a navigation component that can be hidden at page scope, then wrap this in a navigation component that can be hidden at a global scope. Change the  breadcrumb implementation, or at least allow it to be easily changed to a proper breadcrumb implementation rather than just a path to the currently visible repository item.