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Tag and taxonomy management

Question asked by petter on Jun 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2010 by petter

Trying to decide whether Alfresco is what we need within our organisation… Comparing its features to Sharepoint. One in particular:

"top-down taxonomy and bottoms-up social tagging"

I.e. having a (hierarchical) taxonomy which is pre-determined, and making it very easy to classify content (documents) according to this (Sharepoint has the type-ahead feature with dropdown with alternatives, which seems to me best-in-class).
And add to this the ability to add own tags (if they can be re-used within a certain scope in the system, as they seem to be able to in Sharepoint, the better) to content.

I would love a tutorial on how to, if not accomplish this then at least come as close to as possible, in Alfresco.

(I'm pretty confused by the 'categories'>'tags' in Alfresco Explorer and the 'tags' in Share, and their respective use, which I have not been able to reconcile…)