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retrieving outstanding workflow requests (assignments)

Question asked by cszamudio on Jun 15, 2010
I've been able to utilize the Web Script that retrieves the tasks associated with a user - much like the Share dashlet provides in the Dashboard.  However, I'd also be interested in displaying a list of workflow tasks that a user has initiated and is waiting for a response. When a task has been completed, yes the user receives an "Approve" or "Rejected" or "Task Done" message, but only after it has completed.  If the task is stuck somewhere in an approval queue, there's no way to figure out why or with whom. There's a small little button in the Share interface for a document that tells me how many outstanding Workflows a document is associated with, but it doesn't let me click this to review them.  I've gone through the Web Scripts API, but haven't discovered a solution.  Is there a Web Script that allows me to retrieve something like "My Outstanding Workflow requests"?

Carlos S. Zamudio