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Read Only for Collaborator

Question asked by cfe on Jun 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2010 by cfe

i am experiencing the following problem:

Over the Networkshare a user (A) uploaded an office-document.
Then another user (B) trys to edit the document. On saving, Word / Excel replies the Document was "read only" (or some other restriction, depending on format type).
Both have collaborator-rights.
The creating user A is able to edit the document without problems.

If i grant user B admin/coordinator rights, editing becomes possible.
With non Office-Files editing seems always possible.

Is this a bug?
Or how can i get around that situation?

any help?


p.s. My Environment:
Alfresco CE3.3
Server: Red Hat Linux
Auth: Ldap, passthru, NTlm - Authentication chain
MS Office 2007