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Module Applying Aspects to Default Spaces at Bootstrap?

Question asked by pjaromin on Aug 2, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2012 by pjaromin
I've got a use case where I need to apply an aspect to a couple default spaces. The built-in space definitions don't have node UUID's, so it appears that using the bootstrap spaces to UPDATE these won't work, correct? I've attempted to create my own versions of the "view" XML documents in the same package of my maven project to override the defaults, but that didn't work either. I suppose I could override the import bean definition(s) and change the location for some of the view files I want to change, but that's a *lot* to copy and maintain.

As a last resort I'm presently considering writing my own Java code to apply these aspects at module bootstrap, but wanted to verify that I'm not missing a more flexible, supported method.

Is there a standard mechanism or best practice for doing this?