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Office2003 Interface and SSL/TLS

Question asked by specialist383 on Jun 16, 2010
I am using an alfresco3.3g and share system with opensuse11 tomcat6. I managed to config this system to be accessed also  with SSL encryption using port 8443. Tomcat6 provides this functionality. Via the web interface everything works fine.
Using the office/word2003 plugin the transfer works slow but fine using http://**:8080/alfresco, the standard conection. If I enter https://**:8443/alfresco as the connecting URL it is immediatly rejected, "…no connection, try again.."
Q:  is the recent office2003 plugin by itself unable to use SSL functionality ? I use a self-signed certificate, but imported it via IE into the IE store.
If that mode of operation was not implemented, it may be a good idea to expand this function - for many applications with documents an encrypted transfer would be required, even in local networks, not to speak about applications over the internet with remote servers.