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Manipulating file in CIFS removes all prior versions of file

Question asked by commalf on Aug 2, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2012 by commalf
Hi, everyone.  I am running Alfresco 4.0d Community (standard 64-bit installer package) on Ubuntu Server 12.04 (completely vanilla server install; no prior LAMP, etc. - I let Community's installer install everything).

I can add a Versionable aspect to any file through the web interface and can upload/download files, track and revert versions through the web with no issues.  However, as soon as I perform any operation on a file in CIFS (e.g., open in Word 2011->modify->save or even just drag an updated version of the file with the same name into the CIFS directory through Mac OS 10.8.0 Finder), the original file (along with all of its version history) is deleted and refreshing the file's page in Alfresco Share reports that the file no longer exists.  I can then see the new file (with the same name) in Alfresco Share in my repository and the new file has no Versionable aspect or version history.

I have read as much as I can find online about issues handling CIFS file operations and I understand that various applications have different behaviors when writing to CIFS, so I understand the difficulty in trying to reconcile CIFS operations (which may involve deleting, renaming in saving in a single File->Save operation) with Alfresco's file version database.

I want to CIFS to behave as one would expect a "dumb" file share without versioning to, but I want Alfresco to keep all versions of all directories and files created and present these files/versions in the web interface with Share.  I need to avoid having a simple CIFS operation (like a file save) eliminate all the Version history for a file.  Is there a way I can do this?  I've tried adding a Versionable aspect to the default content model (to be applied to all files), but all records of the original files and their versions are still deleted in Share upon any CIFS write operation.

Thanks very much for your help.