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Error accessing to a folder link with CIFS

Question asked by ehdez on Jun 16, 2010
Hi !

I have a webscript for creating links to folders :

var sourceFolder = search.findNode("workspace://SpacesStore/" + idSource ) // node to link
var targetFolder = search.findNode("workspace://SpacesStore/" + idTarget ) // folder where link will be created
var linkNode = targetFolder.createNode(linkNodeName, "app:folderlink"); = ""; = "link to folder.url"; = linkNodeName; = sourceFolder;;

The problem occurs when the name of folder to link contains characters with accents  (áéíóú)
The link is created and it works fine if we navigate in the  alfresco web explorer, and also if we use the "View in CIFS" link, but it doesn't work when we click over it in the windows explorer

For example, in the  "test"  folder I have a folder with name "folder áéíóú" and a link to it with name "link to folder.url"

Here some images :
Folder and link :
Access to original folder with "View in CIFS" link :
Access to folder link with "View in CIFS" link :
Access to folder link in Explorer :

Any ideas ?