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Attention Alfresco Partners: Please check your rank/web site

Question asked by jpotts Moderator on Aug 3, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2012 by jpotts
Not only does helping out in the forums raise the tide that raises all boats, it is a great way to add technical credibility to your service offering in return for a little bit of time spent in the forums each week.

I am going to start publishing a leaderboard of partner forum activity so that the most active partners get more visibility to the rest of the community. In order for your activity in the forums to be counted, your "rank" on your forum profile needs to be set to "Alfresco Partner". If yours is not set, please let me know via forum PM or email so I can set it for you.

The web site on your profile also needs to be set to your company web site so that all employees of a given partner will be aggregated appropriately.