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Sync LDAP and Alfresco Passwords

Question asked by athrawn17 on Jun 17, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2010 by fracat71
I am using Alfresco 3.3
I would love to use SSO with NTLM v2 for authentication. 
From the documentation:
This basic use of NTLM requires Alfresco to store its own copies of your MD4 password hash, which means your user ID and password must be the same in both Alfresco and your Windows domain.

I have turned on LDAP-AD synchronization which imported all my users, but…it didn't import the passwords (nor am I sure that it can).

So, my question is this, can I sync the alfresco and LDAP password so I can use NTLM to authenticate SSO and LDAP to sync?