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Advanced dashboard customization

Question asked by raptus on Jun 18, 2010
Hello everyone,
I'd like to know how to customize the default user-dashboard manually (I mean modifying xml/ftl files) to create a static web site, I have to create a page for a specified user only, with 2 columns, and toggle "customize dashlet" button (this user has no permissions) for a "my tasks" ui application.

How can I do that? I looked at dashboard files but I cannot understand how it works (there are too many links…)

How can I put a dashlet like "my-tasks" to a page (a custom page) as I do with simple components like webscripts?
I try to call this as a webscript component but it says "undefined htmlid"….and this dashlet doesn't exist for a site instead of a page…help!

Thanks for reply,