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IMAP: large number of folders not working

Question asked by s_turner on Aug 7, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2012 by s_turner

I'm trying to get the IMAP service working for a Share site with roughly 160,000 documents in 250,000 folders without much success. My folder structure under Document Library has 7 levels of folders starting with 1 folder at the top level, 10 below that, 36 below below each of those with many under those. Documents are stored at the bottom level.

When I mounted the top level folder the IMAP service started but as soon as I tried to access the folders via Outlook the Alfresco server hit 100% CPU and stayed like that. It eventually had to be rebooted after an hour.

I then tried mounting a subfolder containing 10,000 documents in 25,000 folders. Alfresco took 40+ minutes to start, not sure what was happening but the IMAP service seemed to be taking a long time to start. Again, as soon as I tried to access the folders via Outlook the Alfresco server hit 100% CPU and didn't resume normal service until rebooted.

I've tried the IMAP service with a small number of folders and documents, 10 to 100, and it works fine. I see from other forum posts that there has been problems with IMAP performance in the past but that CE 4.0 includes "IMAP enhancements for performance and reliability". Is it still the case that the IMAP service cannot handle this number of folders? Perhaps these changes are not to do with handling large numbers of folders and documents?

[I'm wondering if the problem is with the IMAP protocol or Outlook in that they require the full list of folders/documents up front rather than requesting information from Alfresco as a user navigates the folder hierarchy in Outlook? And that returning details of 25,000+ folders is never going to be viable?]

Oh and this is using Alfresco CE 4.0d on a Windows Server 2008 with 4GB RAM, XEON CPU@2.13GHZ, Java memory -Xms128M -Xmx1152M.

Any comments or help would be appreciated.