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Alfresco CE 3.3  resource bundle

Question asked by harryl on Jun 21, 2010

I am using alfresco CE 3.3g ,I am trying an example of building a Knowledge base functionality in alfresco share, from the book Professional alfresco,chapter 15
but the problem is that the properties file is not being read.The configuration and registering of the properties file are ok but it seems that the alfresco is unable to find the text
on the UI it is displaying the message id "title.kbSite"  instead of the locale specific text "Knowledge Base Site"  file looks like this

page.kbSiteDashboard.title=Knowledge Base Site Dashboard
page.kbSiteDashboard.description=Knowledge Base site's dashboard page

# Customise site
page.knowledgebase.title=Knowledge Base
page.knowledgebase.description=Displays the Knowledge Base content

# KB Archive action
message.archive.success='{0}' successfully archived.
message.archive.failure=Couldn't archive '{0}

# Create site preset
title.kbSite=Knowledge Base Site

Anything I am missing here

thanks for helping