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Share TinyMCE Plugin installation

Question asked by alistair.nottle on Aug 10, 2012

I need to install a plugin for TinyMCE to allow the use of mathmatical equations in the Share 4.0 wiki (and possibly the blog too, but that's only on the 'it would be nice if…' list rather than the 'you must do this list').

I'm very much a learner when it comes to Alfresco, so i'm not sure where I need to make the appropriate changes, and would appreciate some advice.

I've managed to copy the plugin folders to the correct place in the Share installation, however, I need to make some alterations to the html that initialises the TinyMCE editor (i.e. the tinyMCE.init function) and also have links to the js within the header of the appropriate page.

I've tried reading around and cannot find anything that explicitly states which files to alter, and most articles seem to discuss earlier versions of Share, which doesn't seem to equate to my installation.

I've freshly installed Alfresco / Share from the linux installer (running from /opt/alfresco/) and i'm running Ubuntu 12.04.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.