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Using Form Service

Question asked by yogesh_prabhu on Jun 22, 2010

I have a few questions related to Form Service:

1. I am using alfresco 3.3 and referring to the wiki which tells about Forms development kit.
I followed the instructions but i dont know how to use or call the Gadget, company_details and the company type into forms. They have told about a configuration file, i cant find i have to create it? does anyone know where to place that file so that it can be accessed..?

2. I also downloaded the and the forms-32.amp which contains some examples..
I am not getting how to implement these examples..
Has anyone tried with it..?

The basic context of the above two questions is that i want to know where and how do we define the forms i.e in which file and where do we place that file..

Any kind of suggestions and ideas are welcome..

Thanks in advance..