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DataList creation for dummies?

Question asked by gvaughan on Jun 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2010 by michaelc
I need to quickly surmount the learning curve to creating custom Data Lists. While not an expert programmer, the XML files don't seem too daunting. But I have not worked in a Java environment before and many of the tools and terminology are foreign.

I've watched this video a few times and it is quite helpful:

However Eclipse is completely new to me and I'm fighting with the tools rather than getting to the meat of the matter. It appears he has a script he is calling a build file or an "ANT" that does what I'd really like to know how to do manually at this stage, using windows tools I'm already familiar with: simple editors, Filezilla, 7-zip, Putty.

Is there an "entry level" document or video attempting to put Data List development within the reach of the ignorant masses?

Or is there a better approach I should consider, a best of breed scenario coupling something like Zoho Creator with Alfresco Share.