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Alfresco for Techcrunch like site ?

Question asked by rahuljuneja on Jun 23, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2010 by rahuljuneja
I am not sure if Alfresco is the right solution for such a site.
If i want to create something like which has multiple stories being published every day and the home page shows synopsis of the stories being published or maybe around first 10 lines of the story and when the user clicks on the more, a new link is opened which lists the complete story. Also, I want to design the whole website in java/jsp and only want Alfresco for storing stories and generating new url for every story.

How is this possible if at all this is the right choice. I have just installed community edition 3.3 for the first time and i have not used Alfresco before. Is there any document which can give me idea about such a solution.

Any help or pointers on this is highly appreciated.