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How/where are custom content properties 'assigned' to nodes?

Question asked by p3d3r0s0 on Jun 23, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2010 by gauchoproluanco
When a file is created in Alfresco, it first creates a node with default properties, name, description, etc..
Where do the bonus properties(ones created for custom content) get added to that node?
Is the node only associated through the database?

For example, i have a content named mycontent, with a property(just a string) named mystring.
I found the association in the DB on table alf_node and alf_node_properties and inside the latest there was the content of mystring.

My objective is to change that string with something i do automaticly. My problem is finding where i can change the data inside that string after the node is created successfully.

Hope anyone can help.


edit: i just noticed that description is added on the same page as my custom string "mystring".
does anyone know where (in java code(package)) that operation is done?

edit 2:actually this is done in the repository project in org.alfresc.repo.node.db in the propertiesAfter hashmap.
but where is mystring added?