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Joined search queries, Lucene or SOLR

Question asked by schipmolder on Aug 14, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2015 by schipmolder

Up to now I've been using lucene in java backed webscripts (alfresco community 4.0.d) to search for specific folders in the repository based on specific types and property values, that all works as expected.
Now my requirements have changed slightly and I need to do a joined query which will find the folder as before, but also all of it's (associated) children of a specific type or with specific properties.

I've been reading up on this quite a bit and understand that (correct me if I'm wrong) I'll need to use SOLR for these queries as Lucene can't do joins, is that correct?

When reading up on SOLR I found a lot of information on how to set it all up etc, but hardly any on the actual query syntax to perform these kind of queries.
Does anyone else have any experience with these or maybe a few pointers how i can achieve this?