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Advanced Search Customization

Question asked by mohammed.amr on Aug 15, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2012 by mohammed.amr

I've tried to add a new aspect into Advanced Search dialog additional options where it is a text-based property.

The customization looks like

<meta-data aspect="sec:tagable" property="sec:associatedTags" />

Where the content model definition is

      <aspect name="sec:tagable">
         <title>Document Tag</title>
            <property name="sec:associatedTags">
               <title>Associated Document Tags</title>
The rendered option is Text-Based, where it is needed to be Select One Menu.

The question is how i can change the rendered option from Text-Based option to SelectOneMenu-Based option ?  Is it possible ? if it is how ? if its not what is the alternative solution that can i use to enable Select Menu Options into advanced search options ?