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Important: SSL certs for SOLR in Alfresco 4 expire this week

Question asked by jpotts Moderator on Aug 15, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2013 by mrogers
The SSL certificates for SOLR and the Repository shipped with all versions of Alfresco Enterprise 4.x and Alfresco Community 4.0.x will expire on Thursday 16th August. If the certificates expire, SOLR will cease to function causing search to be broken in your repository.

ACTION NEEDED: Alfresco recommends that all Enterprise subscribers read this support article and follow the instructions to create unique certificates. If you need any assistance, please contact support via your usual channel.

Alfresco Enterprise 4.0.2 has been replaced with which includes updated default certificates, and future versions will also be free of this issue.

If you are an Alfresco Community user you should follow the steps outlined on this wiki page to manually create new SSL keys for SOLR.

We have also created an Alfresco 4.0.e release which is identical to Alfresco 4.0.d, except that it has a new default certificate.