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Webdav Lock Issue returned on Alfresco 3.3g

Question asked by rliclican on Jun 25, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2010 by jeff_mezolink
Hi All,

We seem to be experiencing webdav locking issue after switching to Alfresco 3.3G, when using webdav lock feature
using Webdrive (, file can no longer be unlocked and the document is now read only.

We have tested this using Linux and Windows version of Alfresco Community 3.3G.

It was working perfectly using Alfresco 3.2.

It was resolved on 3.2 by modifying Please see similar case below:

There seems to be changes on the new and the fix won't work anymore.

Please need help on how to make a quick fix on this issue, Im pretty weak at java coding.

Thanks very much.