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WQS Sample application for Production use

Question asked by unknown-user on Aug 16, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2012 by mccarthymp
Hi All,

We are evaluating WQS sample application for a Production usage. So far it looks promising, however, we are not sure if it can be  used in a Production environment. Following are few questions that we have.

a) How is authentication &authorization handled in WQS?
b) Can it support a SSO with passthru authentication against alfresco repository?
c) How will role based content work? We have users from different teams using the site for whom the content needs to be served differently.
d) Is there anything special needed to be done for a mobile access. I know its site specific, but is there any limitation from WQS implementation perspective?
e) How about the performance especially with the dynamic assets and cron jobs getting executed against the repository.

Any thoughts/suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks for your help