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3.4.d to 4.0.d Upgrade Woes with LDAP...

Question asked by zanity84 on Aug 16, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2012 by jpotts
Hello everybody!

I have been adamantly searching this knowledge base as well as other sites looking for the methodology of upgrading from 3.4.d to 4.0.d that will work in our system. I've followed this post, with some slight tweaks of what I've seen on Alfresco's documentation area. The main requirement for this upgrade is to keep intact the MYSQL database and the contentstore. Currently, we are running the ldap-ad subsystem to authenticate against our AD server.  Below is a list of items I've done and where I'm running into trouble.

-Installed Centos 6.3 on a VM
-Installed the 4.0.d alfresco, clean, skipped the postgresql install
-Installed mysql-server and created a new blank alfresco database
-Mysqldump of 3.4.d database and imported it into the blank alfresco database

Here's where it gets troublesome:

-Backed up entire 3.4.d alf_data folder in hopes that I could copy the content store into the 4.0.d one
-I'm not sure what all data the database keeps with regard to users, but the LDAP-AD subsystem is installed on the 3.4.d
       -I tried two ways to implement the LDAP-AD subsystem into 4.0.d
               1) Mirroring the from 3.4.d onto the new system (It used passthru with ldap to our AD servers), and this erred when attempting to authenticate using my AD credentials
               2) Commented out number 1's configuration and just added the authentication chain to ldap1:ldap-ad and added the ldap-ad-configuration in the Authentication folder, still no luck.

I'm going to try this:, just to see if I can get all the remaining data correctly migrated. I want to make sure though,

Will I be able to see the migrated data in the contentstore and database BEFORE I try configuring LDAP? For instance, can I log in with the "admin" account and see the content in the share folder? If so, I'll do that first and then try troubleshooting the LDAP authentication. Thanks!