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Tracking who accessed a document

Question asked by unknown-user on Aug 16, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2012 by unknown-user

We are building a policy management system in Alfresco where in a user when logged into the site will see the pending policies that he needs to agree to. Once he agrees to a policy, it needs to be removed from his view.

We are thinking of a custom dashlet that would display the list of policies that a user needs to agree upon. Any policy document will have a custom action link to mark the user has agreed to that policy. But the challenge is how to track if a user has agreed to a Policy. We dont want to maintain this outside Alfresco (custom db like stuff). What are the options to save the list of users at a document level? Multi-valued property does not seem to be a right choice - the no:of users that would agree to a policy could be 0 to 5000+. Can we use Audit service?