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Extremely restricted view of content

Question asked by viralshah on Jun 25, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2010 by zaizi
Is there any mechanism in Alfresco Document Management where the user if not having certain rights
can only read (view) the document ( the document could be in ant format word, excel, PDF etc..) but can not :

- download the document / save to client machine
- copy text & paste from the displayed document
- perform a print screen to take a image of the displayed information in the document [Or the image copied after print screen doesn't show the actual information displayed but masks it]

The requirement is more like Information Rights Management offered by Oracle UCM, If this is achievable will it be via Alfresco Explorer , Share or custom application ?  I know there is a content viewer in Alfresco Share but even there one gets download option & can do a print screen.