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Share Authentication + CIFS / SharePoint

Question asked by bsculley on Jun 27, 2010
I am using the 3.3 Enterprise evaluation version of Alfresco.  I have set up a test environment using three virtual machines:

   1 - Windows 2008R2 Domain Controller
   2 - Windows 2008R2 Alfresco server
   3 - Windows XP SP-3 workstation

Overall things are working Ok.  My objective is to set up passthru authentication with AD Syncronization, and to enable CIFS, WebDAV and SharePoint services integrations.

After a lot of work I have been able to at least partially enable pasthru authentication with ldap-ad synchronization.  I say partially because it only works with Alfresco explorer from the workstation.  When I try to access Alfresco from the Alfresco server I get: net.sf.acegisecurity.AuthenticationServiceException: Failed to open passthru auth session.

I can access Share from either machine, but it always prompts for credentials which it accepts correctly.

The Active Directory synchronization is working properly.

WebDAV is working perfectly, with no additional credentails prompting. 

CIFS and SharePoint Services are not working at all, and I haven't been able to even find a way to troubleshoot them.  I enabled the CIFS trace in Log4j ( but I'm not getting any log records.  I couldn't find a trace for SharePoint services.

I have searched the forums and the web extensively (that's how I got as far as I did) but it's difficult to sort out the posts for different Alfresco releases, and there are apparantly some configuration differences even between 3.2 and 3.3.  I have also read all the documentation (not to say that I didn't miss something) and while it is informative, it is short on the kind of hands-on recipes that I find very helpful.

What I am looking for here are some checklist suggestions for what I should be looking at to resolve these issues, ways to troubleshoot or debug them, and any step-by-step configuration procedures. 

Thanks in advance for any help.