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common web script for retriving contents from alfresco wcm

Question asked by abhashree on Aug 17, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2012 by amandaluniz_z
Hi All,

I have a requirement like creating a web script for retriving content from alfrsesco wcm repo and using that script in liferay.
I have a query like is it possible to write a web script for retriving  each and every content of a alfresco web project .
For example i have a web project called Test and it has web forms like news,blogs,employee,hr,training etc.
Each web form has 5-6 web contents.
Many web contents has both static and dynamic contents.
There are images,audio files,video files etc.

My intension is to write a common web script for retriving all the contents of web project and displaying it from the liferay portal.
can it be possible ?
Please guide me .
Or any other way can be suitable.

Thanks in advance