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Public Facing RM with access restrictions?

Question asked by tomdavidson on Aug 17, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2012 by jpotts
Hello, I am trying to but together a hi level direction for a project in which Alfresco will play a role. I do not have as much experience with Alfresco but I am hopping I can get get started in the right direction rather than find it along the way. The first part of the project is add value to some content assets (PDFs of property records) through indexing and organizing. The second part is to expose the PDFs to end users. This access would only be fore users and use ACL with a weekly or month cap to the number accessed. End users need to search the PDF's data and flip through the ordered PDFs.

I think I have the first part of ingesting and workflow, etc understood, but I am not so sure about the second part. I like the File Plan feature of RM to organize the assets in to collections, but I am missing the rest of the  equation. I have thought of using Drupal and CMIS to provide end user access to the assets, but I am hopping Alfresco has more out of the box functionality. Can some one point in a right direction?

thanks and regards, tom