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Assign custom content type

Question asked by lordpixel on Jun 28, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2010 by openpj
Hi all
I've succesfully created folder and files on alfresco server using web services API.
I can't assign a custom content type.
For example i have set a content type with this namespace

      <namespace uri="mf.modFatture" prefix="mf"/>

This is the code I use to write file on Alfresco

ParentReference parentReference = new ParentReference(
                    Constants.createQNameString(Constants.NAMESPACE_CONTENT_MODEL, idCartella));

            // Create the content
            NamedValue[] properties = new NamedValue[]{Utils.createNamedValue(Constants.PROP_NAME, nomeFile)};

            CMLCreate create = new CMLCreate("1", parentReference, null, null, null, Constants.TYPE_CONTENT, properties);
            CML cml = new CML();
            cml.setCreate(new CMLCreate[]{create});
            UpdateResult[] result = WebServiceFactory.getRepositoryService().update(cml);

            // Get the created node and create the format
            Reference newContentNode = result[0].getDestination();
            ContentFormat format = new ContentFormat("image/jpeg", "UTF-8");

            // Open the file and convert to byte array
            //InputStream viewStream = newContentNode.getClass().getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream("c:\\Agenti\\" + nomeFile);

            // Write the content
            InputStream inpStr = new FileInputStream("c:\\Agenti\\" + nomeFile);
            byte[] bytes = ContentUtils.convertToByteArray(inpStr);
            WebServiceFactory.getContentService().write(newContentNode, Constants.PROP_CONTENT, bytes, format);

How can i assign the type mf.modFatture to the file just created??