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Still unsuccessful migrating from 3.4.d to 4.0 (now e)

Question asked by zanity84 on Aug 20, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2012 by zanity84
Hello all,

I had a similar post earlier last week, but now it's more focused on getting Alfresco 4.0.e to properly migrate the data from 3.4.d. I've spent many  an hour following migrating guides and have come up short. I wanted to see if we can pinpoint exactly what's going on, so I'll include the alfresco.log. I still don't know what a lot of the output means, so I appreciate any help in the matter. Here's what I've done:

On the 3.4.d Machine…
1) Mysqldump of database after stopping the alfresco service, made "alfresco.sql"
2) Copied the entire alf_data directory
3) Put them in the same folder (I remember that being a requirement in the Backup & Restore procedure, but now that I think of it, I wonder how that's implemented in a brand new installation of Alfresco on a different machine!)

On the 4.0.e Machine
1) Download and install mysql 5.5.27 and configure all necessary information (alfresco user, new alfresco database, grant all privileges for that user, etc.)
2) Propagated the contents of alfresco.sql into the blank alfresco database
3) Installed Alfresco-4.0.e without postgresql
4) I originally copied just the contentstore and contentstore.deleted from the 3.4.d alf_data folder into the new alf_data folder. Just recently, I tried completely moving the 3.4.d alf_data folder into the /opt/alfresco-4.0.e folder just to see, and moving the new alf_data folder elsewhere. Neither worked.
5) Modified the to add the and index.recovery.mode=FULL, and commented out the SOLR configuration
6) Added the Mysql connector JAR file to tomcat/lib
7) Started Alfresco service

I couldn't log in and checked alfresco.log many times, and I get the errors that you can see in the attachment. I've read that the failure to update schema problem was remedied by dropping the table alf_bootstrap_lock, so I tried that, but it just keeps adding it whenever I restart Alfresco. It doesn't seem to be indexing because I don't see any progress made in the logs. I also read that certain ports can be blocked by the firewall, so I tried temporarily disabling the firewall altogether just to see if that was the case. Unfortunately, nope! So, here I am losing hope that I will be able to move that data to the new version. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Damn, okay so if anybody wants to tell this noob how to attach files in the forums, I'd definitely appreciate it. Thanks!