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Unable to view all files in Alfresco Mobile

Question asked by atoops on Aug 20, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2014 by everbehere
Alfresco 4.0d
Mobile App Version: July 25 2012

Issue: On particular folders in both sites and company home I am seeing a truncated list of files in the mobile app. All files are visible from the Document Lib and WebDAV. So far I have found no correlation as to the cause of the truncated view.  Only noticeable clue that files are missing is a "blank" file in the Mobile View.

Workaround: The only thing we have found that corrects the issue is deleting the affected folder and pasting the folder back via WebDAV. 
Also Note:   Cutting and Pasting from Alfresco Explorer did not resolve the issue.  If I Paste the affected folder the issue persists in the new location. 

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and other possible resolutions.