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Search engine + non-ascii characters

Question asked by cisco on Jun 29, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2010 by trakhan
Hello everyone

I am having few issues. Most of them I got rid off but there is still one or two left. I really appreciate any help.

I am using UTF-8 character coding in file names (Czech language). I did manage to set up MySQL database to UTF8

   default-character-set = utf8

and all the tables within the database have set and been converted to COLLATION utf8_general_ci

and I set alfresco to comunicate in UTF-8 as well.



however when I am using search engine for file names only it doesn't work on 100%

it has no problem to find a word like "vstřikovna" with chars ěščřž  however a word "balení" with chars like áíéý it just refuse.
Alfresco gives me a message no files found and that's it.

I have also problem with importing data in zip file. Files with non-ascii character are uplouded through http or FTP without problem but when they are compressed in zip file it writes insteand of ěščří some ????? or other funny things.

Can somebody help me? Or at least point me the right direction? Thank you in advance, cheers