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Forms engine with mode='create'

Question asked by willemvde on Jun 29, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2010 by willemvde

How do you make a create-form for a new type in Share?

I created an edit-form given a noderef. But when I want to generate a form for my custom model, I have some problems. The wiki says that "itemKind:type" is not supported:
itemKind: The "kind" of item the form is for, the only supported kind currently is "node".

I would configure the form-engine as follows:
itemKind=type and itemId=custom:model

It generates a form with all the fields, so also the "Node DB Identifier" and "Store Protocol:" fields :p

I looked at the blog-application in Share but they don't use the form engine, right? Is there something in Share that does use the form engine to create a form in mode="create"?